Not just another lecture

The other night I asked my boy if he knew what Perseverance was. He’d heard it many times, even from my own mouth, in the context of “I’m so proud of you. You used perseverance today!” “You may need a bit more perseverance with your homework today!” He said he even used it himself. But when it came time to explain to me what it meant, he had no clue. Oops, have I failed to teach my kids what this important value means? Is it something that they’ll eventually learn in school or from friends? I doubt it.

So I’m realizing more and more each day that it’s my job as a parent to impart that part of life training to my kids, and in a way that they’ll remember it and practice it in their every day life. That’s when these Activity/Game packs came into the picture. I wanted time to enjoy my kids, and when they could enjoy time with me. I didn’t want to give them another sermon or read them another book or article so they could have more head stuffing about what all this stuff means. First of all they have to see live action from me. How am I living with these values? How am I being an example of them to my kids? And then helping them to see when it’s played out in their own lives. I think we’re sometimes surprised to see how much of an impact we have on our kids even if we wish it weren’t always so.

Click here for a free page to help your kids rate their Perseverance.