About us



Our goal is to provide quality books, games and music to support parents in their children’s moral upbringing.
Our products focus on positive character traits, values, ethics and learning opportunities that apply to every day life.
In creating new material we implement the following key points: Fun, positive examples, engaging, relateable characters, practical solutions, original approach.

Agnes and Salem de Bezenac live with their two children in the countryside of France. Their love and passion for children has led them to many a place and country, all the while gaining experience through creating products to educate children about ethics, values and principles.

Here is their story behind the passion that drives them. (Not for young children. Parental guidance suggested.)

Kidible is a registered trademark in the EU and USA.

Kidible is an imprint of iCharacter Limited, a company based in Ireland. We create books, activities and music for children ages 4 to 12.