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Not just another lecture

The other night I asked my boy if he knew what Perseverance was. He’d heard it many times, even from my own mouth, in the context of “I’m so proud of you. You used perseverance today!” “You may need a bit more perseverance with your homework today!” He said he even used it himself. But when it came time to explain to me what it meant, he had no clue. Oops, have I failed to teach my kids what this important value means? Is it something that they’ll eventually learn in school or from friends? I doubt it.

So I’m realizing more and more each day that it’s my job as a parent to impart that part of life training to my kids, and in a way that they’ll remember it and practice it in their every day life. That’s when these Activity/Game packs came into the picture. I wanted time to enjoy my kids, and when they could enjoy time with me. I didn’t want to give them another sermon or read them another book or article so they could have more head stuffing about what all this stuff means. First of all they have to see live action from me. How am I living with these values? How am I being an example of them to my kids? And then helping them to see when it’s played out in their own lives. I think we’re sometimes surprised to see how much of an impact we have on our kids even if we wish it weren’t always so.

Click here for a free page to help your kids rate their Perseverance.


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Here’s a interview done by Chazda from GreatStoryBook, from our time at the Frankfurt book fair.

Chazda: I met publishers Agnes and Salem de Bezenac, a very nice couple who runs Kidible and iCharacter Ltd. while at the 2015 Buchmesse in Frankfurt. Each year, they attend the fair, representing and selling their books, making new business contacts and meeting with old friends and associates.

This is my amazing and moving interview with publisher iCharacter.

Continue reading Interview

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Allowing kids to practice making decisions

With our summer vacations soon coming to an end – all the while preparing our kids and ourselves for them going back to school, so much to do, but yet such a desire to see our children succeed and feel confident about themselves – I found these encouraging one-liner boosters to help set things in motion. I love these and have them printed out and stuck in my pocket ready to use when I feel like saying something that might not have the most desired effect. I try to either keep my mouth shut, let them figure things out on their own, or when I remember to do so, use one of these! Continue reading Allowing kids to practice making decisions

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Walk vs the Run

When would walking be advantageous over running? Not very often; most would probably answer. There are great benefits to running, and I’m full of the subject especially considering that my husband and I took up the sport not too long ago. I found that even though walking is great exercise for most people, if you’re pretty fit and need a little more of a workout, intensity is the key here. We need to make the exercise a little more intense if we’re going to get the benefits for our health. And because running is more intense than walking, the general health benefits are higher. Within reason, more pain is more gain, etc. etc. But what I would like to share with you today, has nothing to do with the sport. Continue reading Walk vs the Run

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The Twelve T’s of Together Time

I sat down today and jotted down, just for fun, the first Twelve T’s of Time that came to mind, that I wanted to experience often with my family this year. Continue reading The Twelve T’s of Together Time

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Encouragement and accomplishment

I like everything organized, planned. I try to get a lot done and don’t have much time to waste over pity affairs or things of small importance, because I love my work. So when my kids come home from school and after we’ve all eaten lunch, I don’t mind the fact that they’ve now grown up a bit and like to do things on their own. They each have their own projects they like to work on or when they prefer playing, they’re great at agreeing on what to play with together. Continue reading Encouragement and accomplishment

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The Fish Market

Another cold wintry morning! One of those mornings that you just wish you could stay in bed and sip hot chocolate, not wanting to even get out of bed in the bitter cold. But it was a Tuesday and it was a school day, it was another work day. Work, of which I very much enjoyed, especially since I was working from home at the time. I could even have stayed in my pajamas and robe for all I cared. No one was coming over, I wasn’t visiting anyone, no neighbors around. But wait; first things first! One small detail here. I did have to get the kids to school.

So after all, I did have to get up, I did have to get dressed, and I very much did have to go out in the cold. Tuesday morning meant it was still the beginning of the week, still a whole 4 days before the weekend lay before us, where we could relax and do those things as a family that we loved to do. I don’t know exactly what it is about the weekend that I just look forward to so much, but there is something about not having a tight schedule to keep, much less an alarm clock to get you up in the morning. Continue reading The Fish Market

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Missed opportunity to connect with my boy

I began to cook dinner feeling a bit stressed. I was particularly discouraged with my kids who just didn’t seem to be getting the point with some bad habits we’ve been trying to make progress in. My boy had to come to the kitchen with one of his toy cars to drive it all around the counter, accompanied by loud sound effects. It was not the time for play according to my plan and schedule. I was cooking dinner and the kids were supposed to be doing their homework, cleaning their rooms, getting in pajamas etc. Continue reading Missed opportunity to connect with my boy

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How am I talking with my children?

I was reading a Blog the other day, and a part from Vicki Hoefle kind of stood out to me, and so I thought I’d share it here, so that it might come to your remembrance at the appropriate times as well. Here’s what she said:

“Here are three of my tried and true tips for enhancing the relationship with our kids. Continue reading How am I talking with my children?

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Pushing my plan?

“The way kids learn to make decisions is by making decisions, not following directions.” (Alfie Kohn)

The other day my little girl asked if she could bake a cake. I said “Sure!” and began looking for an easy recipe for her to follow. I wanted to make sure she stuck to each ingredient and each measurement to make sure the results would be just right, or just like I expected it.

But that wasn’t exactly what she had in mind. She got all the ingredients out and began pouring and filling her bowl with anything she could find that she thought would be tasty in her cake. She didn’t measure anything, but just spooned in her flour, poured in the sugar, sprinkled the salt, etc.

The end result? It was great! It was tasty! It was to her liking and even to mine. Continue reading Pushing my plan?